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Week 4 recap

Did you know that www.kanepa.com has posted every interview from 100 Days of Kane, PA so far? Sometimes there are even pictures added to go along with the interviews. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do! You can catch up on interview you missed or watch some of your favorites again.

This week we heard a lot about what Kane was like growing up in generations past. Sam Cummings shared on Day 22 a memory about his neighbor Mrs. Anderson who had a dinner bell she rang at night and that’s how all the kids knew to go home for supper. Life before cell phones!

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Day 29- Moon Whistlers stories and jams

Music and jam sessions are part of what makes Kane awesome. Tonight The Moon Whistlers– Dog a/k/a John Marconi, Jake McCloskey and Austin Morgan– tell stories about how they came together and why they love Kane.

They end our time together with a jam and it’s incredible! You have to watch them tell their stories and then get a feel for this Kane born music.

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Day 28- 98 years of living in Kane

Mrs. Margaret Caruso just turned 98 this month and has lived in Kane her entire life. She said she traveled a lot, but “it was always good to come home.”

Mrs. Kearney was born in her house on Kearney Street with no electricity or telephone.  She has seen so many changes and progress over her lifetime and today she shares stories and memories about living in Kane.❤️

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Day 27- Stories of the Memorial Chapel, part 1

It’s Wednesday so it is history night! At your request, we are going to hear stories about the Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel. Denny Driscoll shares about who designed the chapel, who funded it and the incredible company the Thomas Kane’s family kept. There are so many stories to tell about the chapel that this will be part 1 with more about the chapel coming in another week during the 100 days.

The more we hear about our town’s founder, the more we love his heart and action taken on behalf of justice for the downtrodden.

Watch Mr. Driscoll share the stories of Thomas L. Kane Chapel beginnings.

A few pictures

The informational plaque outside of the chapel


The bottom of the General Kane statue referencing him as a friend of the Mormon people. He always had a heart for those being oppressed and was helped negotiate peace to save the Mormons in Salt Lake City.


The chapel


The stone memorial inside the chapel. There’s a great story in all of these names!


Thomas Jefferson chair


Love and charity. See the heart at the bottom of the middle piece of glass?


Lilies window

What stories from Kane’s history do you want to hear about in upcoming Wednesday nights? Comment below.


Day 26- Stories from Clay Street School days

Neighborhood schools were a huge part of Kane’s past. People who went to West Side or Central or Chestnut or any of the others have a special bond for life. Today Tom Jones shares his memories and stories about going to Clay Street School.

Tom grew up on Greeves Street, just past the cut off line for Chestnut Street Elementary. One thing he shared that we didn’t talk about in the video is that he would often walk up Greeves Street to Vincie’s as a kid, as everyone did. But whenever he came to Cumming’s Funeral home he would run until he got past it. We thought that was a funny story!

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Day 25- Stories about Kane’s music man

Loren Wright had a big impact on music in the Kane Area School District, including starting the Choraliers in 1957. Today one of his daughters, Pam Wright, shares stories about him.  We are so grateful to still have music and arts going strong in the school and be supported by the community.

In addition to music, Mr. Wright invested in the Kane community uptown. Watch the full interview with Pam to hear  some of the stories about him.

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Day 24- Stories of outdoor rec with the Chamberlains

Living in the Allegheny National Forest means we have endless ways we can spend time outside. The Chamberlains share stories with us about some of the ways they get out and enjoy nature.

Rachel is a 1998 graduate of Kane Area High School, Ada is going into 8th grade, Phinn is going into 6th grade and Keller is going into 4th grade. Ernie didn’t grow up in Kane but fits right in with his love of the outdoors. Early in their relationship, Ernie and Rachel camped around Kane with a group of college friends and he knew it was special place even then.

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Day 23- The parade on Fraley that made a difference

John Knapp is has many great stories to tell. He was born in the Kane Hospital in 1944, graduated from Kane Area High School in 1962, raised his family here and still resides in the house his grandmother once owned with his wife, Linda.

John is a Vietnam veteran, having served 15 months in combat. As you know, the reception for those returning home at that time wasn’t always welcoming and it wasn’t until a group of women in Kane helped to get him to be part of a parade in the early 1990s that John started to feel like things were different in a good way.

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Week 3 recap

We had a few fish tales shared with us this week with some of the avid fishermen of Kane. The story Bob James shared on Day 17 about getting stuck on an ice floe and how they were rescued was so exciting to hear! I thought it was interesting how looking back he realized the weird things that happened leading up to it all. Our time with Jack Bell, Sr. on Day 18 ranged from how he started his butcher shop over 40 years ago to how the griller was invented to some great fishing stories. Did you know he spent 15 years as a professional fisherman in addition to owning his business? It’s so much fun learning these types of things about people who live here.

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Day 22- Childhood in Kane before technology

Sam Cummings shares great stories and memories about what it was like for him growing up in Kane in the 70s and 80s. There were no cell phones, but there was a neighbor’s dinner bell that was rung to let all the neighborhood kids know it was time to get home!

Watch him tell the stories and we hope you feel a sense of nostalgia about the era of neighborhood stores and neighborhood schools.

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