Tag: 100 Days of Kane PA

Day 91- Stories about Wild Cat Park

In Kane we love our neighboring communities. Ludlow is just a few miles out of Kane and part of the Kane school district. It is also home to Wildcat Park, a beautiful 64-acre recreational area that all of us have spent time in for a picnic or festival. Today Claire Ann Buckley and Craig Oakes share stories about the park’s history and stories of their memories here.

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Day 86- It’s the people

Sometimes it takes being away to realize what is so special about a place. David Walker grew up here and after over 30 years moved back with his wife Hilde, who is from Germany. What’s reason they both love it here? The people. Today they share stories about how people in Kane make all the difference.

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Day 85- Stories about starting a business in Kane

Although Riki Tanaka doesn’t live in Kane, he chose to open a restaurant right on Fraley Street a little over a year ago. Today he tells the story of how he made that decision, opening day and how people in Kane have welcomed him.

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