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Five Weeks of Leeks, Week 5: Cheers to Leeks with Sam & Tom!

Food isn’t the only way leeks are highlighted in the Kane area, they have also made their way to our spirits! For the final week- and the week leading up to Leekfest- we talked with Sam Cummings about the process of making leek vodka and a variety of uses for it. Then Tom Jones tells all about the upcoming Leekfest at CJ Spirits!


How does CJ Spirits make leek vodka? Watch and learn! 

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Five Weeks of Leeks, Week 4: Leek Tales & Recipes By You!

We know leeks have a special place in your life, too. We wanted to hear from you directly and you did not disappoint! Check out stories and recipes below.

Leek Story 1: Michelle Palmer

Although she doesn’t like to eat (or dig) leeks herself, Michelle has a few good stories about leeks to share! There are a couple of Kane Area Community Center friends who tell what they love about leeks at the end.

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Five Weeks of Leeks, Week 3: Cooking Leeks with James Anderson

So far in this leek series we’ve covered how to dig leeks and where to order leek treats in town. For week 3 we learn a few ways to cook leeks from Bell’s Meat and Poultry’s very own James Anderson!

Did you know James has a YouTube channel called Montgomery’s Kitchen where he shows how to cook delicious meals? Well, he does, and he’s going to give a step-by-step of how to cook with leeks!

He made three recipes with leeks that you could easily make in your very own kitchen. Check it all out below.

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Five Weeks of Leeks: Week 2, Eat Leeks at Local Restaurants

For Leek Week 2, we went to talk to our local chefs in their restaurants to show you their leek food specials this season. It was a really great experience and we can tell you first-hand that you need to get out and try this food for yourself!

Read on (and watch the videos) to see what’s all being offered.

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Where Are We? Pop-Up Chamber Schedule

This last month has been a whirlwind! We have packed up and last Friday cleared out of the Chamber office located at 54 Fraley Street. We will be moving into our new Chamber office at the Kane Passive House located at 63 Fraley Street, however, there are still a few details to finish up at the new place before we can move in.

Soooooo, we thought this could be used as an awesome opportunity to hang out with our Chamber businesses! Over the next couple of weeks while we are in transition, we will have a “pop-up Chamber” at various Chamber businesses where we set up shop for a few hours. While we are there, we will do a social media take over on our KADC page to promote and highlight that business. We’ll capture a few stories, behind the scenes things, and daily life at the business to share with you all!

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Five Weeks of Leeks: Week 1, The What, Where and How of Wild Leeks

It’s Spring in Kane (snow and all!) and that means leek season is here! There is a leek culture here like nowhere else and we want to celebrate it. So, for the next five weeks we will be highlighting the wild leek! (For those not familiar with leeks, they are also called “ramps” in other parts of the nation.)


For week 1 we wanted to get the what, where and how of the wild leek, so we covered the basics with former 4th grade teacher Bob James: What is a leek? Why do they grow here? How have they been used over time?

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Town Branding Project Info

*LONG POST ALERT! There’s just so much great information we want you to know about the town branding project!*

The Kane Chamber of Commerce, which is part of the Kane Area Development Center (KADC), is coordinating an effort to create a town brand. The brand will bring a unified and consistent look to marketing and communication pieces used to promote Kane, town wayfinding signage and the Kane website. To get input from as many people as possible, the KADC is asking the Kane community, alumni, visitors and regional neighbors to complete the Kane Identity Survey by October 5, 2020.

Take the survey now by clicking here!

A brand can be hard to define and to come up with, so the Kane Chamber is consulting with Ben Muldrow from Arnett, Muldrow & Associates. Ben’s firm has worked with over 500 communities in 40 states to help with projects like this.

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