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Contact: Bud Rich
725 Tionesta Ave Kane PA 16735 Phone: 814-837-7670 Fax: 814-837-7725 Website:
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Richgas Inc is a provider of propane delivery services in the Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Southern New York States. Throughout our history of over 100 years, we pride ourselves on providing you with safe and reliable propane services.

Richgas Inc was established in 1914 as Sloan and Zook Company, which extracted liquids from natural gas produced from the Kane gas fields. In 1918, we installed equipment and processes to separate the liquids into propane, butane and gasoline.

It was also during that period that the propane-butane industry started to evolve. Consequently, the LP gases were sold to the steel industry in Pittsburgh while the gasoline was sold to stations in the Northeast and Canada.

Around 20 years later, we entered the retail market. In 1947, the firm was renamed as Richgas Inc, led by the owners Hugh Rich & Ralph Zook.

Subsequently, we expanded our reach from Maryland in the south to Rochester, NY, in the north and from Central Ohio in the west to Ephrata in the east.

After over 100 years, the Rich family values and culture remain deeply embedded in our business strategies, policies and practices.

Hugh’s sons, Hugh Jr., William and Thomas have continued to expand our propane delivery and other services.

And now, the fourth generation of the family has also joined the business, with the purpose of preserving and taking forward the same values.

We remain headquartered in Kane, PA. We continue our daily operations from this location

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