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24 Timber Lane PO Box 440 Kane PA 16735 Phone: 814-837-8488 Fax: 814-837-9270 Website:

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Edward F. Kocjancic (2/19/32 – 5/9/06)

Born in a Lumber Camp, Sheffield, Pennsylvania in 1932, Edward F. Kocjancic lived in six different lumber camps run by his mother, Rose Kocjancic, from 1932 to 1960.  the youngest of four brothers, he lost his father in an auto accident when he was just five years old.

After graduating from Mt. Jewett High School I 1950,  Ed Kocjancic went on to receive a B.S. Degree of Forestry at Penn State University – Class of 1954.  He then served in the army for two years, and after that, worked s a logging contractor for eight years.

The work ethic in those days was incomparable.  The work was arduous and grueling, the days were long, usually from dawn to dusk, and the equipment was primitive by today’s standards.  Ed and his three brothers competed professionally in world class logging competitions from 1950 to 1987 and were known nationally for their expertise with the crosscut.

In 1967, Edward F. Kocjancic, Inc., Consulting Foresters, was formed in the community of Kane.  Since that time, the business has seen many technological changes.  The nature of timber management has changed tremendously.  Interest in timbering came at the turn of the century at a time when no one paid much attention to management or stewardship.  Today, that would be looked upon as irresponsible.  Forestry is a science and a responsible forester is well educated in matters of silviculture, timber evaluation, soil erosion, sedimentation control, and many environmental issues.  A good forester demonstrates by example the importance of forest stewardship, sustainability and multiple-use in the management of private forestland.

Chosen as Kane’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year 2001, Ed Kocjancic also was recipient of the Life-member of Penn State Alumni Association, Penn State Mounty Nittany Society 2000 Inductee, 2002 Outstanding School of Forest Resources Alumni at Penn State University, Penn State Armsby Honor Society, and the Penn State University Alumni Fellow for 2005.

Today, Ed’s eldest son, Edward S. Kocjancic, is President of Edward S. Kocjancic Inc., and carrying on the legacy of his father.

Categories: Estate Evaluations, Forest Consultants, Managment Plans, Timber Appraisals, Value Determination