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The family-owned Collins traces its roots back to 1855, when T.D. Collins began timber operations in Pennsylvania. By the turn of the century, the family had expanded west to manage 94,000 acres of softwood in northeastern California. Today our holdings also include the Collins Lakeview Forest in southern Oregon and northern California. Additionally, Collins Products LLC manufactures standard and certified exterior siding and particleboard, also standard hardboard siding and trim.

At Collins, we believe that third party, independent certification of our forestland is the best way to protect the legacy of the total forest ecosystem—now and into the future. To achieve this, we have had to listen, learn, and change.

We have.

We also believe that integrating the principles of The Natural Step into our business operations will result in a sustainable society. Once more, it means we have had to listen, to learn, to change.

And, again, we have.

In some ways change is simple, in some ways it’s complex. But if your principles demand that you work to create a healthy, viable Earth, in addition to a healthy, viable business, then you must risk change.

You must be change.

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