Week 5 recap

What a town we live in! If you are new to the 100 Days of Kane, PA project or if you need to catch up on days you’ve missed, go to www.kanepa.com. Or check out the stories on Kane Area Development Center’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube pages. Every single day I’m inspired and touched by the stories people right here in Kane are sharing with us.
Music and arts have been part of what makes Kane great. We have so much local talent! On Day 29 we got to hear stories from Kane band The Moon Whistlers. Austin Morgan, Jake McCloskey and John Marconi played together for the first time at the 2018 Beezapalooza and have been jamming together ever since. Maybe you saw them at the O.G. Crawford Amphitheater this past Tuesday.
The Kane Players made its mark since the 1970s. Missy Hartman was involved from the beginning and on Day 32 she told stories about how she came to Kane and her days directing. One of her favorite memories happened during one of her favorite plays, Scrooged. It’s a good one!
Something so encouraging to hear during 100 Days has been how one person can make a huge difference in someone’s life. On Day 33, Joe Gentile told a story about how he went through a tough time and his current boss gave him a chance, which meant so much to him to this day. Barry Johnson told stories on Day 30 about how the entire course of his father’s life was changed by a person he reconnected with on the train back from serving in World War II. They each also share some great stories about sports- Barry about the Kane and Penn State football era and Joe about fireworks at Kane football games.
World War II came up again on Day 34 during stories about Kane’s history. Matt Boyer told about the time in 1943 when a committee in Kane brought a Japanese submarine to Field Street. It was so interesting to see a video clip of the parade on Fraley Street on the day the war was declared over, too.
Kane parades have come up a few times so far in 100 Days. Michelle Palmer told a story on Day 35 about joining in a parade on her wedding day in her wedding dress. It’s such a sweet story! Fun fact: The parade Michelle shared about is the same parade John Knapp talked about on Day 23!
It was fun to hear from a few Girl Scouts on Day 31. Kylie Housler, Kayleiana Rhodes and Terin Boschert tells stories about horse camp and cookie sales. What a better place than Kane to be in the Girl Scouts, with the Allegheny National Forest right here?
Thanks so much for following along on the 100 Days journey so far! I hope you are feeling more connected to each other and Kane, PA.