Lisa Pustelak bio

Lisa Pustelak, Strategic Business Advisory and Employee Development Specialist at NWIRC

Lisa Pustelak joined NWIRC in 2018 as a Strategic Business Advisory and Employee Development Specialist. She is part of NWIRC’s team of business advisors serving manufacturers in 13 counties of northwestern PA. Her focus includes facilitating strategic planning, developing leaders and employees with coaching, providing onsite and public training programs on topics such as critical thinking, leadership development, communication skills, improvement kata, and shifting company culture.

She has over 20 years’ experience working with small businesses, including ten years as the CEO of LEDGE Enterprises, a company she founded to help companies, Lead, Engage, Develop, Grow, and Empower their people. Lisa is certified Balance Score Card Professional and DDI Facilitator. She is a member of Women in Manufacturing, NTMA, National Speakers Association, and PA Business and Professional Women.