Day 80- Cleaning Out Your Closets stories

In Kane, people are always finding ways to help each other out. Today Tonia Hartzell shares the story about how “Cleaning Out Your Closets” got started. By the way, this is hobby for Tonia- something she does in her spare time- and it makes a huge difference for families in Kane and beyond. Be sure to watch and hear the stories of lives touched for yourself.

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Day 77- Environmental studies and art

Maddie Stanisch is a Kane native who moved back home after college to work in the environmental science field. She is also an artist who displays her graphite sketches at ArtWorks on the Summit uptown. Today she shares stories about what she loves about being in Kane.

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Day 76- Stories about Kane family artifacts & war

It’s Wednesday night so that means it’s history night in Kane! Tonight Wendy Oakes from the Kane Historic Preservation Society shares stories about some of the Kane family artifacts: the Washington chair, the tea set and General Kane’s battle sword.

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Day 75- Touching lives

The Lutheran Home is a place we are grateful to have in Kane. Today we talk with their chaplin, Pastor David Pflieger, who moved to Kane to serve at the Lutheran Home in 1995. He has touched many people’s lives during really vulnerable times and will share what that has meant to him.

He also has some pretty cool stories to share about animals he has seen out in nature while living here.
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Day 74- Story of the Knox & Kane rail trail coming to Kane

Tom Kase is not a Kane native but he has always had a heart for the forest. He moved here in 1996 and has been active in many community projects, including working on the Knox & Kane rail trail that is being developed to go right through Kane. Today he shares stories about coming to Kane and the trail group TAMED.

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Day 71- Stories about moving back home

In 2012 Royce Novosel-Johnson started the process of moving back to Kane after living away for several years. He had been working a corporate job in the Washington DC area, but decided to come home and learn about his family business. He and his wife Katie have gotten really involved in the community and today Royce tells stories about why he is so glad to be connected to his hometown again and what it means for him to raise his family here today.

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