Day 22- Childhood in Kane before technology

Sam Cummings shares great stories and memories about what it was like for him growing up in Kane in the 70s and 80s. There were no cell phones, but there was a neighbor’s dinner bell that was rung to let all the neighborhood kids know it was time to get home!

Watch him tell the stories and we hope you feel a sense of nostalgia about the era of neighborhood stores and neighborhood schools.

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Day 21- KARE for Kane: Stories about the beginning

Melanie Clabaugh wasn’t born and raised in Kane, but she and her husband have decided to make Kane the place where they put down roots for themselves and their children. They moved here in 2011 and Melanie has been involved in making Kane a great place to live from the beginning. One way she did that was by helping to start KARE for Kane, a day when the community comes together to beautify the town.

Kane residents from babies up to senior citizens take part in doing outdoor projects with the parks department to indoor projects like painting non-profit office space. With over 200 people participating in year 1 to over 600 people in 2018, it has been a great way for people in Kane to utilize their skills and volunteer their time.

Watch Melanie share about what gave her the idea for KARE for Kane and tell why she loves it here.

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Day 20- Stories of the Lobo wolves being saved in Kane

It’s Wednesday, so we heard a story from Kane’s history at the Depot tonight! A few of you asked to hear stories about the Lobo wolves, which were saved by Dr. McCleery right here in Kane, so that’s tonight’s history story topic.

Dr. McCleery started having wolves sent to him by train and he would pick them up right at the Depot where we were tonight. They stayed in his backyard, by the edge of Evergreen Park, with about 40 wolves as the most he had there at one time! Then he moved them out to land on Rt. 6 going toward Lantz Corners.

It’s amazing how many people have lived in Kane- from our founders to Dr. McCleery and many more- who were driven by passion to help those who needed people to speak up and fight on their behalf, including these special wolves.

Watch Dick Bly tell the stories of the beginnings to how so many people came to see the wolves and where they are now.

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Day 19- Hannah and Ella on making Lady Wolves history

This year history was made for the Lady Wolves high school basketball team when they won the D-9 Championship and won a state playoff game for the first time ever! The two seniors on the team- Hannah Buhl and Ella Marconi- share stories of what it was like leading up to the the games and how the Kane community support meant the world to the whole team. Ella also broke the school record for all-time leading scorer.

Even with all of the success these girls saw, they are so sweet and easy to have a great conversation with. You’ll love hearing them share stories of what this season was like for them. And a little bit on why they love Kane, PA!

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Day 18- Bell’s butcher shop and fishing tournaments

Bell’s Meat & Poultry has been an establishment in Kane for 45 years and it’s because it has taken on the easy and friendly personality of founder Jack Bell, Sr. Today he shares stories about opening the shop, the most popular meats and his 15 years as a professional fisherman.

He doesn’t say it here, but we all know that if you go to Bell’s, you’d better “Bring your cooler!” Enjoy listening to the stories from over the years.

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Day 17- Ice fishing adventure

Bob James tells a story about a day of ice fishing with Gary Johnson- and how it turned into quite an adventure! Thankfully they both made it out ok, but definitely watch him tell about the weird things that happened leading up to it and how running out of bait probably saved their lives.

It’s a good story!

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Day 16- The community who built the Community Center

Dave Carlson tells stories about the early days of Kane Area Community Center, from some of the people who volunteered (including a boy scout troop who found something they thought was really funny on the walls) to businesses who donated materials to community member like Steve German who cared so deeply about keeping kids off the street.

We have such a great group of people who put a ton of heart and sweat into making it come together.❤️ Hope you feel proud of Kane when you hear these stories and see the unlimited possibilities of the future for the Community Center.

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Week 2 recap

This week I was reminded about why being a kid in Kane is awesome. For Day 9, Jill Chittester shared stories about her neighborhood friends who called themselves the “Dirty Pine Crew” and the games they played growing up- spotlight, kick the can, manhunt, etc. So many neighborhood kids had names for their group. What was yours?

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Day 15- The Birdcage beginnings and more

Dee Greville has great stories to tell and today she shares about The Birdcage (the stories she could tell on video, lol!), serving lunch at Rotary for 20 years and a little about her life growing up in the 1920s and 30s. She looks and sounds great and you’d never know she is in her 90s now.

One of my favorite things I learned about Dee when I was a kid was that she put lipstick on every night before bed, just in case something happened in the middle of the night and someone would have to see her! When we talked about that today, she said it also kept her lips from getting chapped. 🙂

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