Local Business That Are Open – Please Support Them!

With more businesses closing due to the government mandate, we want to be sure you know what local businesses are open so you can support them as you get what you need. I did my best to capture everyone so if there is an open business I missed I apologize- just let me know and I’ll update this list.

Please click here for the list of local restaurant doing pick-up, curbside service and delivery.

The businesses listed below are ones you can currently walk into to purchase needed items. There are still business providing services, like garbage pick up, as well as some businesses who have had to shut their doors and work from home. Please contact those businesses directly to learn if they are open and how they are making accommodations.

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Kane Area Restaurants Updated Hours & Take-Out Information

On March 16th we learned that restaurants are not able to have diners come in to sit and eat in order to take preventive measures against COVID-19.  So, our resourceful business owners have made changes to how they will provide you with their delicious food and drinks.

Below are the hours and service information of Kane area restaurants as of March 17, 2020. Everything is subject to change as time goes on, so please find each business on Facebook, LIKE their page and stay up-to-date on the most current information. I have linked the business name to their Facebook page to make it really easy for you to find- just click on the business and you’ll be taken to their page!

There are some places who serve food that are still working out the details of how they will continue to provide their products. They are listed with the link to their Facebook page so you can remember to check back on them.

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100 Days of Kane, PA: Titles & People Interviewed in Chronological Order

As 2019 comes to an end, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all of the incredible stories you shared during the 100 Days of Kane, PA project. This was a community undertaking and you all made it so meaningful. Our stories matter because they connect us to each other, keep our history and those who lived it alive, and remind us of who we are. Keep on sharing your stories about your life in our amazing town!

Below is the list of each of the 100 stories. The title and person interviewed is written with each day to make it easier for you. Just click on the day you want to see and it will take you to the video. I hope you enjoy watching!

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History Night Story- Christmas Tree on Fraley Street

Tonight is a special history night at the Depot! Since the next two Wednesdays are holidays, Wendy Oakes from the Kane Historic Preservation Society shares a Kane history story.

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Shop Small in Kane, PA for the Holidays!

This Saturday is the 10th annual Shop Small Saturday across the nation. In Kane we have decided to make shopping small not just on Saturday, but during the entire holiday season. To do that, we have 33 Kane businesses with coupons to be used between November 29th – December 24th.

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History Night Story- Thanksgiving Day journal entry by Elizabeth Kane

It’s November’s history night! We are at the Depot with Denny Driscoll from the Kane Historic Preservation Society and he shares from the journal of Elizabeth Kane when she wrote on Thanksgiving Day 1868. (You’ll get to see how beautiful her handwriting was.)

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History Night Story- Kane’s First Cemeteries

Last night we brought back Wednesday Night History Night for the first time since the 100 Days of Kane, PA project ended. With Halloween here, we thought it would be fun to check in with the Kane Preservation Society to hear a spooky story about Kane, PA. Wendy Oakes tells a few tales about cemeteries in the area.

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Day 99- Stories from our athletic director

We started 100 Days of Kane, PA with Days 1 & 2 on Alumni Weekend and are wrapping up with Days 99 & 100 on Homecoming weekend.

Today we hear from Kane Athletic Director Jason Barner. He shares about how he ended up in Kane, what he loves about teaching and coaching, and why he loves Kane.

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