Day 56- Culture shock & disc golf

There are so many things that make Kane unique! Today Joe Thornburg tells some stories about what he noticed right away when he moved here from Pittsburgh in 1997 to be a Kane Area School District music teacher.

He also shares stories about the disc golf course in Evergreen Park. It’s awesome that there are so many great ways to spend time outside in Kane.

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Day 55- Stories about brothers Jarvis & Norman Rockwell

Happy Wednesday, which means Happy Kane History story night! Many of you know of the illustrator Norman Rockwell, but do you know about his older brother Jarvis?

Tonight Denny Driscoll shares stories about both of the Rockwells and their connection to Kane.

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Day 51- “West Side is the best side”

There are many families in Kane who have had multiple generations live here. Rebecca Harris is part of 7 generations who not only lived in Kane, but on the West Side of Kane.

Watch her share stories about her family and why in her heart, “West Side is the best side.”

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Week 7 recap

This week took us through Day 49 of the 100 Days of Kane, PA project. I can’t believe we are almost halfway through! The stories we have heard so far have been really inspiring and I hope you are feeling more connected to others and our town.
The overwhelming theme running through this week was the support of community. We spent three days hearing stories about the tornado of 1985. On Day 45, John Marconi shared stories about rebuilding Kane Lumber and Fuel while still providing the materials the community needed to rebuild. The Merry family was new to Kane when the tornado hit and on Day 46 they shared stories about the night of May 31, 1985. Becki and the kids were in the basement while their house got destroyed and Rob was coming home from work in Marienville. Tim Holt was at the first station when the tornado came through and on Day 47 he told stories about the first responder perspective. He gave a shout out to the leadership of Mayor Edgar James, Fire Chief Jim Stauffer and Superintendent Vern Johnson. Take a few minutes to watch these stories at and share your memories of stories about that day.
Family and second chances are part of what make Kane a great community. On Day 43, Tom and Levi Haberberger told stories about being in the family business together and Levi shared how he appreciated people in Kane giving him a second chance. That is everything!
On Day 44, we heard from Josie Exley and Erin Vassallo, a dream team. They shared stories about projects they worked on and the fun they had along the way. Two generations of women making a difference in Kane. Who is your Kane dream team?
We’ve heard so many great stories about the Kane school district and on Day 49 Judy Kessler talked about how the people in Kane helped made her who she is as a teacher, coach, yearbook advisory and more. She is going into her 35th and final year of teaching English at the high school.
Wednesdays are a popular night for 100 Days because we hear stories about Kane from the Historic Preservation Society. On Day 48 Dick Bly and Wendy Oakes told all about the Penn Kane Hotel. It’s so interesting! Let me know what stories of Kane history you would like to hear.
Thanks so much for keeping up with 100 Days! We are coming up on the halfway mark and I’m loving getting to know more about the people we live with here in Kane.
Can’t wait for Week 8!