Five Weeks of Leeks, Week 5: Cheers to Leeks with Sam & Tom!

Food isn’t the only way leeks are highlighted in the Kane area, they have also made their way to our spirits! For the final week- and the week leading up to Leekfest- we talked with Sam Cummings about the process of making leek vodka and a variety of uses for it. Then Tom Jones tells all about the upcoming Leekfest at CJ Spirits!


How does CJ Spirits make leek vodka? Watch and learn! 


Leekfest 2022 is this Saturday, April 30th from 1 – 10:30 p.m., at CJ Spirits and Tom tells us all about it!


And, that’s a wrap of the Five Weeks of Leeks series! Thanks for following along and we hope you enjoyed it.

We’ll see you on Saturday at CJ’s Leekfest where you can eat and drink all things leeks!

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