Five Weeks of Leeks, Week 4: Leek Tales & Recipes By You!

We know leeks have a special place in your life, too. We wanted to hear from you directly and you did not disappoint! Check out stories and recipes below.

Leek Story 1: Michelle Palmer

Although she doesn’t like to eat (or dig) leeks herself, Michelle has a few good stories about leeks to share! There are a couple of Kane Area Community Center friends who tell what they love about leeks at the end.


Leek Story 2: Phil Lingenfelter

Phil got called in on a moment’s notice to share about his love for leeks and he definitely answered the call! He tells some great stories about digging leeks with his dad and even getting sent home from school after eating raw leeks. It would be tough to find someone who loves leeks more than Phil!


Leek Story 3: Dick Bly on behalf of the Kane Historic Preservation Society

Leeks have been part of our culture here in Kane, PA for quite some time! Dick Bly shares a few Kane Republican newspaper articles dating back to 1915 through the 1940s that report on using leeks. There were sure some interesting uses!


Leek Story 4: Jack Hedlund

Mr. Hedlund shares a great story about growing up surrounded by leeks with a situation we never considered before! Also he shares his favorite, nostalgic way to eat leeks. It’s potent!


Leek Story 5: Linda Gilmore

Mrs. Gilmore shares her leek quiche recipe! It’s a staple in their house and super quick and easy to make. She uses their chicken or turkey eggs, which makes it super fresh. One of our favorite parts of her story is how she never really liked leeks before meeting her husband, Ralph. Watch to hear where he took her for their first date! (Hint: It involves leeks)


Leek Story 6: Gunnar Emberg

We had a hard time coordinating schedules with Gunnar. However, since he not only loves leeks, but also makes some fabulous meals with them, we wanted to include a few of his favorite recipes.

Click on the name of the meal to get to the recipe: Pierogis & Leeks, Trout & Leeks, and Leek Hash


Thank you to everyone we connected with to share leek stories and recipes! We’d like to give a special thanks to 101.7 WXZY for allowing us to share your leek stories live on their Facebook page.

We know there are so many more out there, so please take time to tell them this leek season. And go make your own leek memories this Spring! The memories, food and smells all mean so much, especially when looking back.

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