Why Shop Locally? Here Are A Few Reasons

Shop Small Saturday is on November 28th and the Kane Chamber of Commerce is planning a few things to kick off the holiday shopping season that day. First, though, I want to remind you how crucial it is to shop locally, now more than ever. A few quick reasons why:

  • Local businesses create local jobs. Think about your favorite place to shop, dine or receive a service (having your car repaired, taxes done, etc.) in the Kane area. Who do you see? Your friends and neighbors. Shopping locally helps keep jobs here.
  •  Local businesses give back to the community.
    • These businesses support kids sports teams and give to the community through projects like KARE for Kane
    • Local business owners tend to buy locally themselves.
    • $0.67 of every $1 spent at a small business stays in the community. (Data from the 2018 Small Business Economic Impact Study.)
  • Local businesses are a big part of what makes Kane the amazing place it is.  Much of our sense of community comes from walking into an establishment and knowing the person at the cash register, serving meals or drinks and providing a needed service. We need to shop locally to keep our area businesses open and thriving.

These are just a few reasons why it’s so important to frequent local businesses all year round! Click here to visit the list of Kane Chamber of Commerce business members and refresh your memory of places you can go this holiday season. Kane Gift Certificates are able to be used at any of these places and are available to be purchased at the Kane Chamber office.

Have a great time seeing all of the wonderful things you can purchase right here in Kane, PA! As always, please adhere to Covid-19 safety measures as you shop, dine and support local businesses this holiday season.

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