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*LONG POST ALERT! There’s just so much great information we want you to know about the town branding project!*

The Kane Chamber of Commerce, which is part of the Kane Area Development Center (KADC), is coordinating an effort to create a town brand. The brand will bring a unified and consistent look to marketing and communication pieces used to promote Kane, town wayfinding signage and the Kane website. To get input from as many people as possible, the KADC is asking the Kane community, alumni, visitors and regional neighbors to complete the Kane Identity Survey by October 5, 2020.

Take the survey now by clicking here!

A brand can be hard to define and to come up with, so the Kane Chamber is consulting with Ben Muldrow from Arnett, Muldrow & Associates. Ben’s firm has worked with over 500 communities in 40 states to help with projects like this.

Their definition is that “community branding is not just the creation of a simple logo. Rather, it is a position, graphic identity, tag line, and style set that presents the overall vision and values within the place. It will be the foundation of a system to market and promote the community.”

Arnett, Muldrow and associates created the survey and will use the results to make recommendations about a town brand for Kane. Additionally, Ben will be coming to Kane October 6-8, 2020 to have a first-hand experience here.

During his time here, Ben will help us develop the following elements:

  • Brand Position Statement– This narrative connects the values and assets within the community, and lays the foundation for the identity of the place, including the key messages and targets that will be addressed in the marketing strategies.
  • Graphic Identity– This is the overall style set of the brand identity including typeface, color palette, and icon. The identity will be represented in graphic form, and the design elements that make up the logo will be used as the graphic foundation for the rest of the system.
  • Tag Line- This is the phrase that presents the brand statement narrative as a concise description of the community’s identity and market position.

Outcomes of Ben’s visit will result in the following:

  • A design guide that anyone can use, but will be primarily for communication materials and town signage.
  • Extension brand style to other logos for partner agencies, events, etc.
  • Graphic recommendations for items such as banners, brochure templates, event posters, and incorporation of the brand into the town’s website, etc. Concepts for incorporating the brand into wayfinding signage and gateways.
  • Organizational tools such as letterhead, business cards, PowerPoint templates and stationery.
  • Recommendations for print and online advertising, social media and other methods of communication

The Kane branding project is partially funded through a grant the KADC received from The Conservation Fund after a team from Kane attended the Appalachian Gateway Communities Regional Workshop in November 2019. The Kane Borough and Seneca Resources have also contributed to this project.

We are so excited to hear from you through the Kane Identity Survey and have the town brand be part of the movement in Kane!


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