100 Days of Kane, PA: Titles & People Interviewed in Chronological Order

As 2019 comes to an end, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all of the incredible stories you shared during the 100 Days of Kane, PA project. This was a community undertaking and you all made it so meaningful. Our stories matter because they connect us to each other, keep our history and those who lived it alive, and remind us of who we are. Keep on sharing your stories about your life in our amazing town!

Below is the list of each of the 100 stories. The title and person interviewed is written with each day to make it easier for you. Just click on the day you want to see and it will take you to the video. I hope you enjoy watching!

100 Days of Kane, PA (June 21 – September 28, 2019)

Day 1- Party Cheer: Seth Bloomquist

Day 2- Class Reunions & Alma Mater: Pat Tigani, Steve Tunall, Mary Tunall, Amanda Tunall & Ellie Tunall

Day 3- “I love Kane” Buttons: Shirley James

Day 4- Creative Playground & Roller Rink: Brandy Schimp

Day 5- From Italy to Kane, PA: Connie Espin

Day 6- History Night, Story of the Depot: Dick Bly & John W. Marconi

Day 7- KHS Sports Stories: Ange Costanzo III

Day 8- Community Support in Tough Times: Penny Barber

Day 9- Neighborhood Crews: Jill Chittester

Day 10- Kane School & Family: Jim Sirianni

Day 11- Summer Baseball Stories: Reese Novosel, Carson Whiteman, Harley Morris & Luke Ely

Day 12- Novosel Logging Co. Roots: Judi Cook

Day 13- History Night, Stories About Our Founders: Wendy Oakes

Day 14- Kane Supports Our Troops: Dave Swanson

Day 15- The Birdcage Beginnings and More: Dee Greville

Day 16- The Community That Built The Community Center: Dave Carlson

Day 17- Ice Fishing Adventure: Bob James

Day 18- Bell’s Butcher Shop and Fishing Tournaments: Jack Bell

Day 19- Making Lady Wolves History: Hannah Buhl & Ella Marconi

Day 20- History Night, Stories Of The Lobo Wolves Being Saved In Kane: Dick Bly

Day 21- KARE for Kane, Stories About The Beginning: Melanie Clabaugh

Day 22- Childhood In Kane Before Technology: Sam Cummings

Day 23- The Parade On Fraley That Made A Difference: John Knapp

Day 24- Stories Of Outdoor Rec: Erine, Rachel, Ada, Phinn & Keller Chamberlain

Day 25- Stories About Kane’s Music Man: Pam Wright

Day 26- Stories From Clay Street School Days: Tom Jones

Day 27- History Night, Stories Of The Memorial Chapel- Part 1: Denny Driscoll

Day 28- 98 Years Of Living In Kane: Margaret Caruso

Day 29- Moon Whistlers Stories And Jams: John M. Marconi, Jake McCloskey & Austin Morgan

Day 30- Story Of How One Person Can Change A Life: Barry Johnson

Day 31- Stories From Kane Girl Scouts: Kylie Housler, Kayleiana Rhodes & Terrin Boschert

Day 32- Stories From The Early Days Of Kane Players: Missy Hartman, Lynda Karger & Tom Hartman

Day 33- Kane Community Support And Involvement: Joe Gentile

Day 34- History Night, Stories About Kane During WWII: Matt Boyer

Day 35- It Takes A Village: Michelle Palmer

Day 36- Squatchfest At The Drive-In: Kristin & Boyd Lewis

Day 37- Dogs And Campfires: Ken Wilson

Day 38- Serving Together And The Support Of Kane: Ron Buzard

Day 39- A Man Whose Heart Was Captured By The Skate/Bike Park Kids: Mick Petruney

Day 40- Stories From The Doctor Who Delivered Over 2,400 Babies In Kane: Dr. Bruno Sicher

Day 41- History Night, The Story Of Scipio Young: Wendy Oakes

Day 42- Story Of Why Brooke Stayed In Kane: Brooke Balliet

Day 43- Story Of Family And Second Chances: Tom & Levi Haberberger

Day 44- Intergenerational Dream Team: Josie Exley & Erin Vassallo

Day 45- 1985 Tornado, Part 1: John W. Marconi

Day 46- 1985 Tornado, Part 2: Rob & Becki Merry, Mike Merry, Matt Merry

Day 47- 1985 Tornado, Part 3: Tim Holt

Day 48- History Night, Story Of The Penn Kane Hotel: Dick Bly & Wendy Oakes

Day 49- This Is Who I Am: Judy Kessler

Day 50- Stories By Judge and Julie Cleland: Judge & Julie Cleland

Day 51- West Side Is The Best Side: Becky Harris

Day 52- Dance Stories: Kate Lenaway Undercoffer

Day 53- Hunting Stories: Taylor Holt

Day 54- 70 Years In Kane, PA: Kay Magnuson

Day 55- History Night, Stories About Jarvis And Norman Rockwell: Denny Driscoll

Day 56- Culture Shock And Disc Golf: Joe Thornburg

Day 57- Stories About Being A Kid In Kane: Jerry Milliron

Day 58- Stories About Friends And Food: Sam Mehelko

Day 59- Stories After 40 Years In Business: Jim Greville

Day 60- Summer Playground Stories: Marilyn Blackmore

Day 61- Meet Some Kane Elementary Teachers And Hear Their Stories: Jeanine Smith, Ashley Komidar, Nikki Boylan, Deb Szymanski, Marcy Holt, Sara Tigani, Halle Songer, Casey Zimmerman, Jackie Watts, Jacklyn Pusateri, Julie Wismar, Kathy Counts

Day 62- History Night, Glass Factory Stories: John W. Marconi

Day 63- The Teen Club: Leo Niklas

Day 64- Stories About Retirement: Nancy Maze

Day 65- Kane Maple Syrup: Nate Wilson

Day 66- Coming Full Circle In Kane: Heather Glogau

Day 67- Creative Playground Being Built And Restored: Randy Durante

Day 68- Many Uses Of The Farm: Jo Ann & Bob Wolfe

Day 69- History Night, Stories Of The Memorial Chapel- Part 2: Denny Driscoll

Day 70- Putting Down Roots In Kane: Amber Hancharick

Day 71- Stories About Moving Back Home: Royce Novosel-Johnson

Day 72- Living In Town For The First Time: Andrea Lanich

Day 73- Sunflowers: Dave Conklin

Day 74-Story Of The Knox & Kane Rail Trail Coming To Kane: Tom Kase

Day 75- Touching Lives: Pastor David Pflieger

Day 76- History Night, Stories About Kane Family Artifacts And War: Wendy Oakes

Day 77- Environmental Studies And Art: Maddie Stanisch

Day 78- Stories From Our New Superintendent: Brock Benson

Day 79- Stories From A Family With 6 Kids: Amye Burton, Julia Anderson, Katie Dupree

Day 80- Cleaning Out Your Closets Stories: Toina Hartzell

Day 81- Pickleball Stories: Becky Porkolab & Keith Reigel

Day 82- Stories About A Kane Printing Company And The Drive-In: Ann Chapman & Mary Holmes

Day 83- History Night, Stories About Holgate Brothers Company: Dick Bly

Day 84- Kane Fire Department Stories: Tom Brinkley

Day 85- Stories About Starting A Business In Kane: Riki Tanaka

Day 86- It’s The People: David & Hilde Walker

Day 87- A Middle School Story From 2 Points Of View: Mr. Dick Buckley & Lowell Watts

Day 88- Stories About Working Together For The Community: Stacy Lindquist

Day 89- Stories From Boy Scouts: Ian O’Hara, Joe Walters, Robert Peterson, Tyson Boschert & Connor Asel

Day 90- History Night, Stories About The Kane Manor: Matt Boyer

Day 91- Stories About Wild Cat Park: Claire Ann Buckley & Craig Oakes

Day 92- Stories From High School Sweethearts: Ron & Sue Zampogna

Day 93- Stories About Horses And Apple Orchard Farming: Sherry Jones

Day 94- Stories About Hunting Hounds: Steve Dyne

Day 95- Stories About Family Business And Legacy: Sue Zook Wilson & Ken Zook

Day 96- Turning Negative To Positive: Mike Hulings

Day 97- History Night, 3 Short Stories From Kane’s History: John W. Marconi, Wendy Oakes & Denny Driscoll

Day 98- Stories About School Over The Years: Jack Hedlund

Day 99- Stories From Our Athletic Director: Jason Barner

Day 100- Reflections Over The Last 99 Days: Judge Cleland interviews Kate Kennedy


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