Day 100- Reflections over the last 99 days

Today Judge Cleland interviewed me, Kate Kennedy, so I could have the opportunity to share some stories about what this 100 Days of Kane, PA project has meant to me.

Click here to watch the video! (Tech probs- will get it resolved soon!)
Each one of you has make 100 Days a unique and moving experience. Your stories, your time and your giving spirit have elevated our town. You showed what it means to be a good neighbor. You not only told your own stories; you also listened, discussed and shared each other’s stories. You have helped connect our town to thousands of people all over the globe. In fact, your stories have been seen by more than 70,000 people in 25 countries.
As you will recall, we started 100 Days as a way to honor each other. Together, we’ve accomplished that and more. You’ve given us 100 more reasons to love Kane, and that is a bigger gift than I could ever imagine.
If you missed any of our episodes or want to watch them all again, go to Plus, we’ve added a community calendar of events for all things Kane, PA!
Kane shines bright, like a star in the forest, because of each of you. Thank you to everyone who lives, works and visits here.
I love Kane!
-Kate Kennedy

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