Day 99- Stories from our athletic director

We started 100 Days of Kane, PA with Days 1 & 2 on Alumni Weekend and are wrapping up with Days 99 & 100 on Homecoming weekend.

Today we hear from Kane Athletic Director Jason Barner. He shares about how he ended up in Kane, what he loves about teaching and coaching, and why he loves Kane.


A few pictures:


2007 team











A helmet signed by players from when Mr. Barner coached Big 30


Coach Barner in action


Hunting is a hobby for Mr. Barner and his son











Mr. Barner at home with his high school sweetheart and their dog, Doc


Since we are nearing the end of 100 Days, let’s revisit this question one more time: Why do you love Kane? Share your answers and stories in the comments below!


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