Day 83- Stories about Holgate Brothers Company

It’s Wednesday night, so you know what that means- it’s Kane history night at the Depot! Tonight Dick Bly shares stories about Holgate Brothers Company, one of the oldest wooden toy company in the USA, and their connection to Kane.


A few pictures:


A few handles made by Holgate Brothers Company











A train in front of the Holgate factory in Kane is ready to deliver wooden toys across the nation


The House that Jack Built


Raggedy Ann and Andy


An airplane with design work by Jarvis Rockwell


This was made during WWII because the tires have all wooden pieces. Metal went toward war efforts at that time


The Bingo Bed was one of the most popular Holgate toys


Holgate truck parked on Welsh Street and packed with wooden toys going to the World Fair in New York City in 1939


Dick Bly, tonight’s story teller


Did you have a Holgate toy? Comment or share your pictures.



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