Day 70- Putting down roots in Kane

Amber Hancharick moved to Kane in 2007 and has had a part in the revitalization in of the town. She share some great stories and memories of the early days and tells why she decided to put down roots in Kane

How have you seen the town change over the years?


2 thoughts on “Day 70- Putting down roots in Kane

  1. I grew up on Fraley Street since my father ‘s business was located on Fraley – Watts Funeral Home. I still feel a part of Kane and your excellent project has made me so very homesick. The business portion of Fraley has changed so much. Back then there was Johnson’s meat market, Haver’s green grocer, five women’s dress shops: Suzanne, Dan-Dee, Stoll’s, Cohen’s, La Victoire plus Broadbent Stiller Department Store. Two or three Men’s shops, three jewelry stores, three shoe stores, Western Auto, two card stores, three pharmacies (plus the Nut Shop And Kane Dairy where ice cream and milkshakes were also available). And of course there were also two “news stores” Baldy Anderson’s and Mrs. Mc Connell’s plus several appliance stores, banks- and let us not forget two five and dime stores and Mr. Saines corner store with shoe shine and repair and lots of candy. The nostalgia has almost been more than I could have believed. Thank you so very much for your wonderful series – does it have to end at 100 days?

    1. What great memories you shared, Joyce! Thank you for painting a picture of what Fraley Street looked like when you were young.

      It is really great to hear the 100 Days stories are helping you feel connected to Kane. I’m so glad you enjoy it. We’ll have to see about finding a way to continue to share the stories of Kane after 100 Days ends.

      Please let me know if you ever make it back for a visit!

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