Day 69- Stories of the Memorial Chapel, Part 2

It’s Wednesday night again that means it’s history night, when we hear stories about our town’s past from the Kane Historic Preservation Society.

If you remember Day 27, Denny Driscoll started telling stories about the Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel and we didn’t have enough time to hear everything. So, today he is back for part 2!


A few pics:

Thomas L. Kane’s grave in front of the Memorial Chapel


Photo of the Bucktails in front of the Chapel with a bust of Gen. Thomas L. Kane. This was taken in the 1890s. The bust resides in the chapel today.












A portrait of Thomas L. Kane’s Aunt Ann Gray Thomas. She funded the building of the chapel


The grave in front of the chapel is open for the public to visit


Our story teller, Kane Historic Preservation Society Member Denny Driscoll


We only have a few more Wednesdays left of the 100 Days of Kane, PA project. What are some of the stories from Kane’s history you’d like to hear? Comment below.


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