Day 68- Many uses of the farm

How many of you remember Anderson’s Nursery selling Christmas trees? How about Greendale Valley Dairy Farm? Today Jo Ann and Bob Wolfe tell stories about both.


A few pics:

The first family to live in the house. This is Jo Ann’s grandparents and uncles. Her aunt and father are yet to be born when this picture was taken out front of the house she lives in today.


Jo Ann’s parents on their wedding day, with her maternal grandmother in the background.


The letter announcing Jo Ann’s father won a pig when he was 10 years old!


A letter from Jo Ann’s father from her grandmother. It is written in Swedish and reflects the same sentiment Jo Ann had for her son when he went off to collage.


In the Wolfe’s basement. This was added by her grandfather when he built an addition to the house the year her father was born.


Share your memories of the farms below!


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