Day 61- Meet some Kane elementary teachers and hear their stories

Tomorrow is the first day of school in Kane! So, we thought it would be fun to meet some of the elementary teachers and hear their stories. Kindergarten through fifth grade teachers along with reading support specialists are represented: Jeanine Smith, Ashley Komidar, Nikki Boylan, Deb Szymanski, Marcy Holt, Sara Tigani, Halle Songer, Casey Zimmerman, Jackie Watts, Jacklyn Pusateri, Julie Wismar and Kathy Counts.

The neat thing about teaching in Kane is the relationships. Some of the people we talked with today had the teachers they work alongside of as their teachers when they were in elementary school. And some of the teachers today have the children of their colleagues in class. We are all connected and it’s awesome to see!

Watch them introduce themselves and hear what they love about Kane schools.


What are some of your first day of school stories and memories? Share below.


One thought on “Day 61- Meet some Kane elementary teachers and hear their stories

  1. This is a wonderful insight into these wonderful young professionals. It gives an intimate snapshot of how dedicated these teachers are and their dedication to our youth and the community. These videos of the 100 Days of Kane have been a wonderful journey into the heart of our wonderful town. Thank you Kate for all your work.

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