Day 55- Stories about brothers Jarvis & Norman Rockwell

Happy Wednesday, which means Happy Kane History story night! Many of you know of the illustrator Norman Rockwell, but do you know about his older brother Jarvis?

Tonight Denny Driscoll shares stories about both of the Rockwells and their connection to Kane.


A few pics:

Jarvis in his workshop on the corner of Welsh and Biddle. The painting above Jarvis to the right is an original Norman Rockwell


Norman’s workshop in Massachusetts. The wooden ship on the wall was made by Jarvis


A portrait made by Richard Rockwell, the son of Jarvis. The family on the easel is Jarvis and Norman as kids with their parents. Norman and his wife and children are on the left. Jarvis and his wife and children are on the right


A copy of the original Norman Rockwell painting that was given to the Kane High School as a gift from the class of 1936, the year John Rockwell graduated. John is the son of Jarvis


Norman Rockwell


Our storyteller, Denny Driscoll


What is a story from Kane’s history you would like to hear on a Wednesday during 100 Days of Kane, PA?


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