Day 51- “West Side is the best side”

There are many families in Kane who have had multiple generations live here. Rebecca Harris is part of 7 generations who not only lived in Kane, but on the West Side of Kane.

Watch her share stories about her family and why in her heart, “West Side is the best side.”


Becky’s great great grandfather- the one who originally came to Kane around the 1870s- is the man in the middle with white hair and a mustache. Her great grandfather is to the right


Becky’s grandparents are in the back row and her dad is the youngest and in the front row


Becky’s parents are in the middle, surrounded by Becky and her siblings


The artwork Becky’s grandfather made st the West Side School in 1909. She can see where the school once stood from her kitchen window and imagine generations of her family walking by


How many generations of your family has lived in Kane?


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