Day 46- 1985 tornado, part 2

Today we have part 2 of stories about the tornado. Rob and Becki Merry moved to Kane with their 3 children – Melissa, Mike and Matt- in the summer of 1984. They lost their home in the tornado of 1985 and really experienced the community of Kane helping them rebuild.


A few pics:

Rob and Becky’s high school yearbook photo as “Cutest Couple”


The Merry’s house on Laurel, before the tornado. They moved in November 1984


Mike and Matt Merry. Matt (on the right) is holding the bear he took to the basement with him on the night of the tornado


The Merry’s car flipped upside down on their house after the tornado. This is what Rob saw when he got to the house, not knowing if his family was ok


The foundation and basement door of the Merry’s house after all of the debris was cleared away. This is what their current house was built on

What are your memories of May 31, 1985?


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