Day 40- Stories from the doctor who delivered over 2,400 babies in Kane

Dr. Bruno Sicher and his wife Rosemary moved to Kane in 1960, just 3 years after he finished medical school. During a 28 year period, Dr. Sicher delivered more than 2,400 babies in Kane and over the course of his 44 year practice he made house calls, assisted with surgeries and worked in the ER to help keep those babies and families healthy.

You may also know that Dr. Sicher was called to go to the scene of a plane crash on Christmas Eve of 1968. He shares that story, in addition to stories about coming to Kane and his time working. Watch him tell these stories for himself!


A few pictures:

Dr. Sicher’s med school graduation picture in 1957, just 3 years before he moved to Kane, PA


Wood turning has become a hobby since Dr. Sicher retired in 2004. He’s so talented at this, too!


Did Dr. Sicher deliver you? Comment below if he did. Or share a story about him with us.


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