Day 39- A man whose heart was captured by the skate/bike park kids

Mick Petruney was named Kane Citizen of the Year in 2019 for his contribution to helping rebuild the skate/bike park by Glenwood. He tells the story of how he got involved, ways the community rallied to raise money and volunteer, and how special the kids at the skate/bike park are to him.

Thanks to Mick’s leadership, today the Eli McCloskey Skate/Bike Park is up and gives people a safe place to hang out and test their athletic abilities.

He didn’t mention it on the video but wanted to be sure it is noted that no taxpayer dollars went toward this park- it was all funded by grants, local businesses and people in the community. It’s no wonder we love Kane, PA!

Do you have any stories about the skate/bike park? Share them in the comments below.


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