Day 34- Stories about Kane during WWII

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means! We are going to hear a story of Kane’s history from the Kane Historic Preservation Society.

Tonight Matt Boyer, the Kane High member of the group, tells the story of when a Japanese submarine came to Kane in 1943. It’s so interesting!


An extra piece of history from Matt: Although most towns claim to be on it, Kane is one of the true towns that made the bombing list of German dictator Adolf Hitler during WW II. The reason for the little town of Kane being on this list is because of Kane Manufacturing, one of Kane’s most prominent and longest industries in town. Throughout WW II, Kane Manufacturing was building a great majority of the bomb tail fins for the United States Army. Because of this, Hitler thought that by destroying one of the factories that was creating something this great for the Army, he would be able to put a set back on the next air attack on Germany by the United States Army.

Pic of bomb tail fin from Kane Manufacturing


The Japanese submarine on Fraley Street in 1943









Footage from the Fraley Street celebration of the end of WWII:


What stories of Kane’s history do you want to hear in upcoming weeks?


4 thoughts on “Day 34- Stories about Kane during WWII

  1. I enjoyed Matt’s recounting of the day the Japanese sub came to Kane. On that day I was 10 years old, a student at Central School and lived with my family on Spruce St. I spent about an hour standing beside the sub as part of the crowd while it was parked on Field Street as part of the tour to help sell War Bonds to finance the war. I’m most likely in the picture taken by Mr. Henretta; I stood in the area near the sub that’s depicted in the photo.

    After the war ended I also viewed the huge Homecoming Parade that welcomed the Kane areas troops home from overseas. I had a terrific vantage point from a second-story window of one of the Fraley Street stores, Broadbent’s Department store.

    I have lived in New Jersey for the past 57 years but will always consider Kane as my “home town”.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your memories, Barron! If you have any pictures of your own from those times, please feel free to post them.

      Your hometown will always be here for you to return to, whether to move back or for a visit! 🙂

  2. My father, grew up in Kane and graduated from Kane HS in 1938. In 1940 he worked for Butler Brothers, located on Elk Street in Kane. He served in China in the 14th Air Force. I am looking for information about the Butler Brothers in support of a book I am writing about my father. Can you help. P.S. Curt Hartman is my cousin and knows quite a lot about the book I am writing. Thanks.

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