Day 32- Stories from the early days of Kane Players

You can’t think of Kane Players without thinking of Missy Hartman. She co-founded this amazing community theater arts group with Lynette Yetto in the early 1970s.

Today Missy, Lynda Karger and Tom Hartman share stories about the good old days of Kane Players.❤️


Were you in any Kane Players productions? Share your memories and stories in the comments.


One thought on “Day 32- Stories from the early days of Kane Players

  1. Listening to Missy Hartman was delightful. She sounds exactly like she did when in met her in theater arts class in 1973, a class that I took three years in a row. She taught me the basics of speaking and of self confidence, I could never thank her enough. When I get compliments on my speaking, I tell people about Missy Hartman. I enjoyed helping support Kane Players with backstage support for years. Thank you Missy for your encouragement to so many of us. We are grateful!

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