Day 27- Stories of the Memorial Chapel, part 1

It’s Wednesday so it is history night! At your request, we are going to hear stories about the Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel. Denny Driscoll shares about who designed the chapel, who funded it and the incredible company the Thomas Kane’s family kept. There are so many stories to tell about the chapel that this will be part 1 with more about the chapel coming in another week during the 100 days.

The more we hear about our town’s founder, the more we love his heart and action taken on behalf of justice for the downtrodden.

Watch Mr. Driscoll share the stories of Thomas L. Kane Chapel beginnings.

A few pictures

The informational plaque outside of the chapel


The bottom of the General Kane statue referencing him as a friend of the Mormon people. He always had a heart for those being oppressed and helped negotiate peace to save the Mormons in Salt Lake City.


The chapel


The stone memorial inside the chapel. There’s a great story in all of these names!


Thomas Jefferson chair


Love and charity. See the heart at the bottom of the middle piece of glass?


Lilies window

What stories from Kane’s history do you want to hear about in upcoming Wednesday nights? Comment below.


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