Day 26- Stories from Clay Street School days

Neighborhood schools were a huge part of Kane’s past. People who went to West Side or Central or Chestnut or any of the others have a special bond for life. Today Tom Jones shares his memories and stories about going to Clay Street School.

Tom grew up on Greeves Street, just past the cut off line for Chestnut Street Elementary. One thing he shared that we didn’t talk about in the video is that he would often walk up Greeves Street to Vincie’s as a kid, as everyone did. But whenever he came to Cumming’s Funeral home he would run until he got past it. We thought that was a funny story!

Watch him talk about his elementary school days.


A few pics:

1976 5th grade class at Clay Street. Can you guess which one is Tom?


The cut off for whether you went to Clay Street or Chestnut was at Welsh


Did you attend one of the neighborhood schools? Share your memories and stories in the comments.


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