Day 20- Stories of the Lobo wolves being saved in Kane

It’s Wednesday, so we heard a story from Kane’s history at the Depot tonight! A few of you asked to hear stories about the Lobo wolves, which were saved by Dr. McCleery right here in Kane, so that’s tonight’s history story topic.

Dr. McCleery started having wolves sent to him by train and he would pick them up right at the Depot where we were tonight. They stayed in his backyard, by the edge of Evergreen Park, with about 40 wolves as the most he had there at one time! Then he moved them out to land on Rt. 6 going toward Lantz Corners.

It’s amazing how many people have lived in Kane- from our founders to Dr. McCleery and many more- who were driven by passion to help those who needed people to speak up and fight on their behalf, including these special wolves.

Watch Dick Bly tell the stories of the beginnings to how so many people came to see the wolves and where they are now.

Stop by the McCleery Center, located in the Depot, to see all of the incredible pieces to this story. Here are a few pics:



The pups of Snowdrift and Lady Snowdrift once they got to Kane


A piece of the fence once Dr. McCleery moved the wolves out to Route 6 and opened it for tourists


Dr. McCleery charged $0.25 per adult and $.015 per child- look how many people must have come through!


Signage about the lobo wolves attraction


John Lynch with one of the wolves once he started to take care of them


One of the wolves preserved after many years by local taxidermist Dan Swanson. Her name is Tayna and you can see her on display at the Depot


Dick Bly is one of the great preservers of Kane history down at the Depot. If you have more questions or want to learn more, stop down on Wednesydas or on the weekends to talk with him or others who know so many stories about the lobo wolves

What new fact about did you learn about the lobo wolves?


3 thoughts on “Day 20- Stories of the Lobo wolves being saved in Kane

  1. Wonderful story. Great storyteller. And what a happy memory for me. Going to Kane to see the Lobo wolves was one of my first dates with your Dad (Mike Kennedy). Who knew that many years later you would present this story? I guess what goes around comes around. Good job:). Mom aka Gina Kennedy

  2. I read they are freezing semen and letting the pack die off because of inbreeding then using the wheeler site for Mexican grey wolf and red wolf reintroduction.
    Still an incredible story!!!!!

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