Week 2 recap

This week I was reminded about why being a kid in Kane is awesome. For Day 9, Jill Chittester shared stories about her neighborhood friends who called themselves the “Dirty Pine Crew” and the games they played growing up- spotlight, kick the can, manhunt, etc. So many neighborhood kids had names for their group. What was yours?

It is finally summer and talking with some of the boys who play on the Elk-McKean baseball team for Day 11 felt like a perfect representation of this time of year in Kane. Two of the boys were on the team that went to the Little League World series last year and they shared stories from that time. So far this year their team won the championship and they moved onto the next round leading to the World Series. Thanks for sharing with us and best of luck Reese Novosel, Carson Whiteman, Harley Morris and Luke Ely!

One of the themes in so many stories is courage. On Day 14, Dave Swanson shared about his decision to go into the Navy (he has family members who served our country for generations, going back to the civil war!). Support from people in Kane through letters and encouragement when he would come home meant a lot to him.

Day 10, Jim Sirianni shared about different pieces of his life. He is a great storyteller and it was incredible to hear how his grandparents came to Kane from Italy, his memories of St. Callistus school and the Evergreen Pond, and about how he came to teach in his hometown of Kane.

I love Kane history and we got two great stories this week. On Day 12 Judi Cook shared about the beginnings of Novosel Lumber Company. Our lumber heritage is a big part of who we are and it was so interesting to hear how Judi’s grandfather got started in the business. On Day 13 Wendy Oaks shared about our town founders, the Kane family. The same grit and innovation Thomas and Elizabeth Kane had is seen throughout our town, even to this day. What a great foundation they laid for us!

Day 8 was a touching story of how the Kane community came together to support Penny Barber and her family when they needed it. My favorite part of her story was when the Kane High football team took a bus to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to visit her son and they walked in the hospital room 2 by 2, just like they walked onto the football field. (Their dog Dakata made in appearance in the video and is such a sweetheart!)

It’s so moving to hear these stories. Thank you to everyone sharing them and thank you to everyone watching them. I love your feedback and suggestions of who to talk with next. Please keep it coming!

If you need to catch up on any of the Days, check out www.kanepa.com. It’s updated daily with interviews and pictures. Also, follow Kane Area Development Center on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to stay up-to-date

Don’t forget Mayor Schimp left “I love Kane, Pennsylvania” buttons at the Chamber office (54 Fraley Street), so stop by and pick one up sometime. And if you really want to show your Kane pride, wear and Kane shirt every Friday during the 100 Days project. We love Kane, PA!

Can’t wait for week 3 with you!

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