Day 16- The community that built the Community Center

Dave Carlson tells stories about the early days of Kane Area Community Center, from some of the people who volunteered (including a boy scout troop who found something they thought was really funny on the walls) to businesses who donated materials to community member like Steve German who cared so deeply about keeping kids off the street.

We have such a great group of people who put a ton of heart and sweat into making it come together.❤️ Hope you feel proud of Kane when you hear these stories and see the unlimited possibilities of the future for the Community Center.


The wall in the Community Center where the boy scouts found something that cracked them up!
Steve’s Place is the snack bar dedicated to fallen Kane officer Steve Jerman, who led the DARE program in Kane schools and cared so much about keeping kids safe and off the streets


The outside of the Kane Area Community Center, which once house McCrorys for years


Do you have any memories of the Community Center? Share in the comments below.


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