Day 13- Stories about our founders

Wednesdays are history stories from the Depot days!

We asked what stories you wanted to hear and there was a request for stories about our founders and their early lives. Soooooo, Wendy Oakes fills us in about the Kanes. They are good ones!


Pictures of things Wendy referred to in her interview:

This is the doll Thomas Kane gave to Elizabeth for Christmas in 1843. She was 7 and he was 21. She was 12 when she decided she wanted to marry Thomas and they married in 1853, when she was 15 and he was 31 years old.


General Kane served in the civil war. He gathered locals to form the Bucktail Regiment and was wounded many times- he was shot through the face which left him serious tooth problems and it’s speculated that’s why he grew his beard. His leg was severely injured. He eventually had to come back home to Kane because of his injuries.


The glass negative of the original homestead built by the Kanes, which was in the location of where the high school is now. Elizabeth took the photo and developed it and her finger print is on the bottom right corner.


The original Kane homestead. It was build where the auditorium of the Kane Area High School today.


General Thomas and Elizabeth Kane were incredible people, founding Kane on principles of innovation, social justice for the down trodden, peacemaking and grit. We can be so proud that they choose to make this their home.

Coming up on Wednesdays in future weeks is the Lobo wolves, Memorial Chapel and Penn Kane Hotel.

What other stories of our history do you want to hear during the 100 Days? Comment below.


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