Day 11- Summer baseball stories

Summer in Kane equals baseball in Kane for so many of us. Last year the Little League went to the World Series and played international teams! They are on track to do that again this summer having just won the district championship last week. So, we thought we’d focus on a more recent story and hear from some of the players who were at the Little League World Series last year.

Today we talked with Reese Novosel, Carson Whiteman, Harley Morris and Luke Ely about playing senior league baseball this summer and what it was like going to the Little League World Series last summer. Here’s hoping they make new Kane history this summer!


Additional pics:

Younger siblings are part of baseball life! Reese’s little brother was behind the scenes with us today before heading out to his brother’s practice
Do you know which iconic Kane baseball field this is?


Blast from the past:

Baseball starts young in Kane! Here’s Carson’s t-ball pic


Reese’s Little League pic


Harley’s t-ball pic

We’ll get one of Luke soon!


Share a Kane summer baseball memory in the comments below!


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