Day 6- Story of the Depot

We’ve got an incredible history here in Kane, PA and every Wednesday night a group of people get together at the Depot across from the New Thompson House to make sure that history stays alive.

Tonight Dick Bly and John Marconi share the story of how this group ended up at the Depot (it was saved!), how it was renovated and how the last passenger rides were in the 1960s.


Here’s a little more:

Front door of the Depot. Come down on Wednesdays after 7 p.m. or on the weekend to talk all things Kane history


A pic of the Depot in the 1870s, before the renovations


This group really are detectives! They do such a great job at saving the stories of our incredible Kane history


We are so, so lucky to have this group here to tell the stories of Kane’s past, so every Wednesday night during the next 100 days we are going to hear Kane stories from them.

What part of our history do you want to hear a story about in the upcoming weeks? Comment below.


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