Day 3 – “I love Kane” buttons

“I ❤️ Kane” buttons are a staple around here! Mayor Edgar “Jesse” James’ wife Shirley shares that he started the trend after going to a TGIFridays in Philly and seeing all the pins the servers wore. He thought Kane should have a pin, too, so he made it happen.

Watch Shirley James tell you about it for herself, along with the story of how they met.

Current Mayor Brandy Schimp brought back a revised version of the button so the “I ❤️ Kane” legacy stared decades ago lives on!

Did you have an “I ❤️ Kane” pin growing up?

The original


The corner of Edger James and Greeves Streets


A brick at the OG Crawford Amphitheater commemorates Mayor Jesse James time in office


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