Day 2- Class Reunions & Alma Mater

Day 2 - Tunalls

At the Tunall’s house, there are 3 generations celebrating 5 different years of class reunions this weekend!

1964- Pat Tigani
1984- Steve Tunall
1989- Mary Tigani Tunall
2009- Amanda Tunall
2014- Ellie Tunall

Watch first video to see the entire interview or skip down to the second video to just have them all lead you in singing the Kane High alma mater.

We know everyone in Kane knows the words, but just in case you need a refresh, here you go:

“On the heights of the Alleghenies,

stands a high school fair.

There, among great trees abiding,

pine sent in the air.

There, all nature in its glory,

in summer green, in winter hoary-

Tells the seasons wonderous story;

Hail to old Kane High!”

Post a video of you and your friends singing the alma mater in the commets.

Hail to old Kane High!


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