Day 1- Party Cheer

It’s Friday. It’s Alumni Weekend. So, we’ll start 100 Days in Kane, PA with the PARTY CHEER!🎉🎉🎉

Ingrid Anderson Cartwright shares how she remembers Fridays with Bloomy:

“Friday wouldn’t be Friday at the Kane Area High School, in Room 202, without Bloomy’s PARTY Cheer!

As a senior I had the privilege of being in Mr. Bloomquist’s room for last period.  Every Friday + at school assemblies, he would do it.

He’s start it out with:

Give me a P


Give me an A


Give me a R


Give me a T


Give me a Y


While yelling out the letters, Bloomy would contort his body to the shapes of the letters, to make it even more memorable.

Once we spelled out the word, we would all chant, “PARTY, PARTY, PARTY…”  While chanting, Bloomy would grab a chair, take it to the middle of the room, and do a handstand on it.  The chant continued until he came down from his handstand.  Then hoots and hollers erupted!

Let the weekend begin…!”

Watch our full interview with Bloomy here. BONUS: There is a familiar song he breaks out for the kids in 202!


Maybe you only have time to watch the cheer by itself. We’ve got you covered!




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